"I am very pleased with my
cockatiel 'April', whom I purchased
from Deb at Feather Focus. Deb's
selective breeding and special
handling shows in April's beauty
and her character!  Debra D.
Ichigo and Zaraki from Feather
Focus. They are so tame and
eager to be around our family.  
I am so happy with them. Deb is
very professional, and does a
wonderful job, from picking the
right parents and hand raising
healthy babies, making sure
they get to where they are
going. If you want a healthy,
beautiful, and good natured
cockatiel, ask Deb at Feather
Focus!" Thank you so much for
everything. We love our guys!
Caroline Brooks               
It has been so nice these last couple
of mornings to wake up and be
greeted by both Tiki and Torch.
Thank you so very much.  
Mary Hemmah
You have been more than great
and, a wonderful friend and
advisor.   Thank you,  Alex
Deb, Just                        arrived home
with my                        new babies.   
They are gorgeous!!              They are
sitting on my shoulder already and
are now sitting in their big cage
preening themselves.  I'm so glad I
decided to purchase birds from you.  
If I ever need to purchase another
bird for myself or  for a friend, I
will definitely contact you first.  
Thank you very much for your patience
and whatever else you did to make this
all happen!!    Jim
Deb, I want to thank you from the
bottom of my heart for so kindly working
with me to purchase these 2 darling
feather babies.  Tiki, at a year old left
his avairy friends to come live with me.
He is so full of love. We spent time on
"stepping up" - then one day he
decided to sit on my shoulder, and
shortly after surprised me with a medley
of little tunes. So awesome.  Then came
Torch 3 months later. Torch has no fear
what so ever, he nuzzles my hands for
scritches on his face and neck. He fits
his name!
In exploring bird breeders in my
area, I came across Deb's website
and saw how lovely her birds were
so I decided to give her a try.  
I have two of Deb's birds and they
are so friendly and loving that they
have become my favorite.  In fact, I
named one Angel because that is
exactly what she is!  
My other tiel, Roxie tries to be tough
but it is all show!  
She is just as sweet as Angel.
To anyone out there looking for
great birds that make great pets and
friends, I definitely recommend
contacting Deb at Feather Focus.     
Barb Morgan
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Deb and her healthy,
beautiful birds. In April 2007, Baby Fonzie flew into O'Hare International
airport and joined our family.

Fonzie is a large, beautiful White Face Cockatiel. He is six months old and
thinks he's a dog. He will climb 13 stairs to find us if we head to the
second floor. He wears a bird diaper and has free time in the house most
of the day. He can whistle "Take me out to the ball game", "Shave and a
haircut", "Wolf whistle" and more.  When we tell him to throw his money
away, he will throw change off the table, and when we tell him to go home,
he'll climb the ladder to his cage. He loves my husband, myself, our seven
& four year old children.  He loves to have his face and head scratched
and will climb on our feet when he wants an elevator ride to our
shoulder.  Thank you sooo much Deb for our wonderful new friend.  
We love him & he's everything you said!   
Liz in Chicago-
Deb was so good to work with and did such a great job of
getting Max ready for his new home.
Max has taken to Fran and loves to be on her shoulder.
In fact he likes for the both of us to be in the room then he
is relaxed. He is such a gentle and loving bird. He will go
back and forth from one person to the other making sure
we both get attention. African Greys are real smart and Max
does not mess on us and he is only 5 months old.
I would highly recommend Deb at Feather Focus.
  You can't
get one like this from a pet store because they aren't
handled like Deb does at Feather Focus.





is based on
while consistently
before, during &
as longas needed...
the sale.
"My website changes but
my values do not."
Tell me what you want
or need in a feathered
friend or breeder, and I
certainly go above and
beyond to make sure
your dreams come true.
Photos & Pedigrees are
listed, so you will not
have any surprises.

Please feel free to browse my
site anytime.
I appreciate your
business and Humbly
ask for referrals
to Feather Focus.
When we arrived, Deb had 5 birds out that
she felt would be best suited to having to
make the decision between two birds. In a
decision that
took entirely way too long causing a very
long overstay on our part, Deb never lost
her patience.
She is everything we could have hoped for
in a pet and Deb was so thoughtful with my
child.  I can't thank you enough for all you
did and for trusting us to take one of your
precious babies.  Thanks again & I love your
site!   Darla
I'm so thankful to Deb for providing me with my new buddy
Paulie. I recently lost my blue headed pionus Chloe and it was
very heartbreaking. I thought it would be great to get another
Pionus just because they are such loving and loyal pets and I
came across Deb by accident. She told me all about Paulie and
I just new my search was over. I know Deb truely loved Paulie
and I'm sure it was hard for her to let him go, but she decided
to sell him to me. Since recieving Paulie we have really
bonded. He clucks like a little chicken and wants to go with
me where ever I go! I look forward to seeing him and playing
around with him everyday. Paulie also loves my husband and
will also interact with him!! I would highly reccomend getting a
bird from Deb because you can tell she trains and treats them
well. I feel like I also gained a friend when I met Deb as well!!
Thanks,  Laura Campbell