Welcome to the wonderful world of the Pionus Parrots.  
The Pionus is on the rise of popularity,  as more people are discovering what absolutley, wonderful pets they
make. The hidden beauty of these parrots is their unique quietness. They are quieter than Cockatiels, as I
have both of these breeds to compare, and cockatiels as a rule are quiet by nature as well!  
This is not to say that they never make noise, they do and they can talk, too!  
Pionus' are not usually noisy when kept as pets, but they may chatter some but they do not scream.  

Pionus make the best pets, as they are very loyal. Pionus parrots do well for those who work full time jobs,
as they don't require all your undivided attention. They play well on their own with the toys that you
provide.  They are happy to see you when you arrive home, so make sure you take them out after changing
your work clothes!  

They travel well, and the don't freak out as some other parrot types. Don't be alarmed if they get nervous or
upset because they will make a wheezing noise which sounds like a respiratory problem, but that is just a
Pionus trait!  

For most parrots in their natural environment, their way of communication is the instinct to squawk once
or twice, which is usually done once in the morning and once in the late afternoon.  They call their buddies
to find out the latest gossip since they don't  have cell phones!!   

Talking ability for the Pionus is not real clear.  Some tend to be higher pitched than others. Their voice
sounds somewhat raspy or garbled, but a Pionus can put a few words together to form a small sentence. The
Coral Bill and Duskies are the best talkers of the Pionus species.  All of these species seem to understand
what you are saying when you talk to them once they learn routine words. Pionus are so much fun.

When seeking a parrot for a pet - look no further.  If you ask me, the Pionus as a pet is rated at the top of
the list! A Pionus will go for love and scratches but they won't go postal if you don't give them undivided
attention like some parrots.  They won't even scream and screech to get your attention either.  In my
personal opinion, for a smaller parrot, the Pionus is the BEST all around parrot to invest in and will give
you many years of love and affection.....unconditionally.     Priceless......

Again, Pionus Parrots are becoming more popular as people find out about how sweet and personable they are
and that they are now available in the United States. The Maximilian is probably the most popular due to
availability and price. The Blue Head and Duskys are the next in line for wanted parrots because the
coloring on the "Blue Headed Pionus" is breath-taking, and the Dusky's for the absolutely gorgeous breast
colors and big chocolate eyes and look like an artist's palette.  The price range for Pionus Parrots range
from $750 to $1950.  Other Pionus are the Bronze-wing, White cap and Coral Bill Pionus.  

Personalities of the Pionus are much the same. Pionus are absolutely gorgeous and make wonderful pets.
They are devoted and love to play and interact with all members in the household as long as each person
spends some time with them. They are not just a one person pet which makes them a great choice as a
family pet or an individual pet. They are so versatile.

Pionus are calm and don't usually get upset like some other birds.
These fine parrots are a joy to hand-feed and raise.  

I believe Pionus Parrots rank at the top pet because they easy going and have smooth delightful personalities
that makes them Simply the Best!
CORAL BILL PIONUS -  Simply delightful!
I no longer breed Pionus - This is education only
I NO Longer breed any Pionus.
I will leave this information
up for informational purposes
only. Please Enjoy!